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Why Whiskas

At Whiskas® we are there with you for the whole journey, right from your kitten’s birth to your cat’s golden years.


We love cats just as much as you do.

We love them for their independent spirit, we love them for their attitude and we also understand that they need your love and care.

Our Promise

We are committed to developing delicious, nutritious products and have been making food for cats since 1958. We are also devoted to helping cats live healthy and happy lives.

Our Expertise

We work closely with the experts at the WALTHAM™ Centre for Pet Nutrition to develop quality, nutritious food for cats of all ages.

The WHISKAS® Range

Nutritionally complete and balanced, our kitten and adult meals are tasty and full of the natural goodness your pet needs to lead a healthy and active life.

  • Kitten

    The best start to help your little Fur ball get healthy and strong Dry Food see our range
  • 1+ Years

    Nutritionally balanced meals for
    adult cats
    Wet Food see our range




1 Pouch (Wet)


15g of dry food


1 Pouch (Wet)

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