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Why does my kitten sleep so much?

Kittens love to sleep and most cats sleep between 13–16 hours a day, for a simple reason: sleeping after each meal allows them to conserve energy from the meat they consume. If you catch your kitten napping, remember that she’s just mimicking the natural behaviour of her big cat cousins, ensuring that she’s restored and well-rested for her next prowl.
When are kittens most active?
Most wild cats are active at dawn and dusk, after having slept through the intense heat of the day. This is the best time for hunting: their prey is active, and their eyesight is at its sharpest. Your little kitten behaves in just the same way. She will be very active early in the morning or just before sunset. If you want to spend some quality time with her, plan playtime around these hours.
Kittens like it warm
Young kittens cannot control their body heat as well as adult cats. They cuddle with their mother and littermates to help maintain the body heat. Don’t be surprised if that’s the reason they love to snuggle up in your lap. 
Where can my kitten sleep? 
Your cat's sleeping place doesn't have to be plush but it has to be warm and draft-free. Many cats prefer a higher place as it makes them feel safer. If your cat sleeps in a basket, ensure it is large enough. Click here to see how to make the space where your kitten sleeps comfortable.
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