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Help your little furry bundle of joy get off the right paw early in life.

Find out how to choose the best kitten breed and personality for your home, make sure you've got everything you need for their much anticipated arrival and discover whether an older cat might be an option. Check out our amusing and educational Kitten Kollege videos as well.
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  • Is your pet susceptible to COVID-19? A Veterinarian View

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  • Do cats really need grooming?

    A clean shiny coat is a sign of good health and nutrition. By grooming your cat, you can hel...

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  • How do I bathe my kitten?

    If you have an older cat or if you’ve heard stories from your traumatised friends who ...

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  • How do I train my kitten to use the litter tray?

    Cats are very private animals. The one time your cat or kitten will definitely want to be le...

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  • How do I help my kitten settle in?

    Before your kitten arrives, make sure you have everything you need to help her settle in cal...

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  • Getting to know your kitten

    While your little kitten’s home is very different to what she’d experience in th...

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